The FULL Line of STI DVC Pistols from TK Custom.


Nothing Shoots Like An STI!


When you shoot an STI gun, know that it has been precision crafted by the skilled hands of certified gunsmiths to perform every time out. From the first cut of a spinning CNC tool, to a final proving shot on the test range the STI guns are made to a custom quality that shooters’ have come to rely on. To some it may seem like the hard way to do things and, that is what continues to put STI’s quality above all others.


Each STI gun is handcrafted by a certified gunsmith and goes through over 30 quality checks before it leaves the building. STI uses only the highest quality parts available throughout the builds. Each sear and hammer is EDM wire cut, which is an innovation that helped STI make a name for itself years ago. Every part that STI manufactures is built to oversized tolerances so they can be hand fit to each individual gun. The completed STI gun represents some of the finest in handgun custom quality, performance and accuracy.

Warranty on STI products?

We unconditionally warranty our products for their intended purpose when installed properly. As with any product, abuse and normal wear are excluded. We stand behind our products and if you EVER have a problem with an STI, we are going to make sure to take good care of you! We pride ourselves on having the best Customer service anywhere (since we have the best Customers anywhere…) The STI warranty covers the product- not the original purchaser so even if you purchase it used, we will still warranty our work.